Monday, December 8, 2008

1. The impetus for this blog (11 worst blogs on the internet)

When I finally get around to talking about number 13 on “The List”, I will tell you about some of the sites that I visit on the internet and where I go for information.  But for now I want to talk about the number one item on the list as it has quite possibly been keeping most of you awake at night in anticipation of the answer (all 3 of you that have seen my blog).  Sufficed to say I was reading an article recently about the “11 worst blogs on the Internet” (PC Advisor).  I have to admit that it was almost a complete waste of my time as it was painful to read about Rosie O’Donnell, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and all the other celebri-freaks out there (that has to go on my list…and I am trying to coin that phrase so please use it).  However PC Advisor was able to point me to one of the most inane blogs I have ever seen since Web 2.0 started.  And it is quite literally called “the dullest blog in the world”. 

Now I personally don’t think this blog should have ever “won” the title of the worst blog on the internet simply due to the fact that it is the epitome of sarcasm and mockery.  It raucously spits in the face of all those people who take blogging too seriously (I do it for me, not for you, so I don’t count).  For example, the most recent post (which is pretty old since it was from March 2006), reads like this “Some pencils were scattered around on my desk. I picked them up one by one. I placed the pencils in the drawer which I use to store pencils.” Now who would argue that that doesn’t strike you as being funny?  One of my favorites is “Turning off a light…” you’ll have to check it out.  But I digress…as I do quite often…which is the beauty of this blog - I can.

Anyway, as I read this I realized that there is something out there for everybody and why shouldn’t I have a place to put my banal musings as well?  Why can’t I have a place where I can put all the details that fill my head, consume my thoughts, and distract my focus?  So this is what pushed me to start this blog.  I don’t claim to be a great writer (wait for the discussion that will come when I discuss number 12), I really don’t think I am a great orator and I would never be so bold as to proclaim that I am very verbose but I do know that I have an opinion.  From reading this article about the baloney that fills the internet I felt the desire, yea the impetus, to delve into the life of a “blogger”…so here I am.  Fully aware that I won’t get fame or fortune for doing this (especially the fortune part) but I really don’t care.

I finally figured out that I don’t update my “other” blog simply due to the fact that I don’t know what to put up there.  What might interest me, intrigue me, tickle me, or make me laugh when it comes to my family might just be too personal to share.  I like to keep certain details about ME to myself.  I hold close those things that are mine and I guard them with all the strength that I have.  I don’t want the violation that comes from others knowing too much about those whom I love. 

But, like I said earlier, I have an opinion…about most everything and I strive to base my opinions on facts; facts that I find through research on the internet, in books, in newspapers, movies, school, and church.  And this is the place where I can share that opinion.  A opinion is probably more personal that the stuff that I don't want to share, but the difference is that it's just that, and opinion (I find myself straying onto paths which touch upon other points from the list so I have to be careful - wait for #19 for the full discussion).  I continue to refer to this as a forum where discussion can take place and I really do mean that.  Please discuss with me, add additional minutiae to the list.  I will try and present facts that I find and their sources (where possible) and I hope that it promulgates the ideas that I try to convey and stimulates the discussion that I crave – even if that discussion is between me, myself and I.  I will also play the “point-counter-point game” and sometimes play the devil’s advocate.  The goal here is to give a bit of clarity to the way I think and the way I approach the mundane – the way I formulate the opinions that I have and why I don’t fear having them.  I love information and crave the minutiae of life.  This is why I wanted/needed the Minutiae Report!  

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  1. I admit I do feel smarter for reading that....but may I suggest adding a dictionary to your blog it would be so much faster for me to read your blog with it right there.... I know I know, but I did say I FEEL smarter, not that I AM smarter. :D Thanks.....