Thursday, December 4, 2008

So, Whats the deal?

Four for a dollar...or two for 50 cents.  So I was up really late one night working and I happened to be chatting with my little sister and the topic of blogs came up.  I have a decent little family blog that I never update because I never have time and I don't know what stuff I should and shouldn't put up there.  As I was headed for bed, the idea occurred to me that I would like to "jot down" a few of the things that go through my head on a regular basis...and I decided that I needed a place to "store" all of my stupid ideas.  I know that I really bore a lot of people with the amount of detail that I get into when I explain things so I decided that I might as well bore the entire populous as a whole - or at least the one or two people that will ever stumble upon this stupid blog.
So here's the deal...I am dedicating this blog the the mindless minutiae and drivel that goes through my head on a regular basis...and maybe, just maybe, someone might find something useful here (if nothing more than data elements that can be used to do some social construction of my life and steal my identity)!


One of the things that I have noticed the past few weeks is that time must surely be accelerating.  I have found that when I get together with family and friends I feel like my head is spinning (almost as quickly as the people around me are changing topics) and I cannot find time to fully develop my thoughts.  In addition to the aforementioned intentions for this collection of words, I will be using this blog as a forum for discussion and further development of responses to questions I get on a regular basis.   To that end I would hope that you come back often and see what I have to say.

In addition,  I have determined that I have an issue with information and curiosity.  I am an extremely curious person and when I dig into something I want all the detailed information about it that I can could say that I crave the MINUTIAE in life!


  1. SWEET! Rock on Heath. So happy to of helped. :D

  2. Sorry, Heath, but the earth is actually slowing down. . .

    but only by about 2 seconds every 100,000 years.

    Hmmm. . .that brings me to think of something I've pondered - how exactly was the earth created? Is the earth billions of years old? How long were the creative periods? Were there millions of years with only animals and plants? If so, why? Just so we can have fossils and tar pits and oil? (whole other topic there - petroleum as byproduct of plate tectonics)

    Will we ever be able to communicate with (or at least hear from), life on other worlds?

    See what you've started? :)