Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm not adding to Santa's List...

I'm hoping that I'm not biting off more than I can chew.  I keep adding to The List but I don't seem to be knocking stuff off very fast.  I can say that I think about writing stuff all the time (hence the expansion of The List) and I do plan on writing.  I was emailing a brother-in-law today trying to get his stamp of approval on the blog and he said something that made me think... He said "hopefully in two months you won't add to your list 'why I don't blog anymore'"  I figure that the best way to prevent that type of demise for the Minutiae Report is to keep at it - eventually I will get where I want to be.  So I am trying to define some of my goals for this blog to help me stay focused.
I will most likely continue to bring this up as I refine what it is that I want to accomplish by writing The Minutiae Report.  As I've said all along, this blog is my attempt (albeit conservatively paced) at purging my mind of the "clutter" that consumes me.  I've already eluded to the fact that I start thinking about stuff and it begins to consume me, I can't think, I don't listen to the people around me, I can't work and I can't focus on the things that will actually get me to where I want to go.  Instead I stray down these distractive paths in a hope that they will bring me to some sort of shortcut.  I don't think they will!  This is why I want to get them out of my head, explore them "electronically" in front of tons of people, and move on. 
A secondary goal is to attract readers to the Report and hopefully provide answers to questions that keep them up at night as well.  I can potentially lead them (you) down a path that I have already explored and give you a head start on the research and learning curve.  To do this I will have to be entertaining…this might be a stretch for me but I think I can try.  I don’t take this too seriously so you can’t either.
Oh, and one other thing…I know I am probably going to bring up some stuff that could be potentially incriminating so I am hoping that it is used for informational purposes only.  My dad used to always say “a smart person learns from his mistakes, a wise person learns from others’ mistakes.”  This holds true here.  I just hope the statute of limitations has expired for some of this stuff! 
So with that said, I am adding to the List…and it ain’t Santa’s!

Bailout?  We don't need no stinking Bailout!
50. The beauty of Free-Agency…You have a choice
51. Dust to Glory
52. Rally Cars
53. Hacking an Xbox
54. Le Tour de France vs. Il Giro d’Italia
55. Our home is a Petri dish
56. SME Server
57. Internet over powelines
59. Bigger Faster Stronger
60. Microlending –
61. Book Reviews
62. Netflix vs Torrents
63. Structured Procrastination

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  1. Can we make requests? It's fun to see just how opinionated you are! :o)

    I'm considering taking a night shift job, so I'd love to hear about that - I know it was tough for you two as newlyweds. . .

    Then investing 101 would be good (if I take the night shift job).

    And I have to hear about your Petri Dish. . .

    So, now that my requests are in the queue, we'll see how the muse strikes you next!