Thursday, December 4, 2008

Course Syllabus:

I wanted to make a list of some of the things I want to chat about on this blog...and hopefully I will actually get around to addressing some of them (in no particular order).  I will continue to add to this list as I think of things that I want to talk about - or if you feel so inclined, drop me a note and I will try and focus my commentary on what my "readers" want to hear.  The following with now be formally called "The Minutiae List" or just "The List".  I will cross out those items that we have covered.
  1. The Impetus for this Blog (11 Worst blogs on the Internet)
  2. Making money with a it possible?
  3. Digging a basement
  4. Building a deck
  5. Remodeling a home (that you hate) in general
  6. Going to Regis University for my MBA
  7. Essays and articles to be published from my classes...why not?
  8. The differences between SAP and Oracle ERP systems
  9. Hobbies
  10. Investing 101
  11. My philosophy on networking (familial and professional)
  12. Books - writing and reading
  13. What I read on the Internet and when
  14. Working out and losing weight (FAT America)
  15. America in general
  16. Uses for lottery funds
  17. Education in general
  18. Finances in general
  19. Opinions - why they stink? And how to sell them to siblings
  20. The Yellow F650
  21. Ol' Blue & other "nostalgic" vehicles
  22. MOM and "her" grave
  23. Shoes (why I like them)
  24. Graveyard Shift
  25. OCD vs Efficient Habits
  26. ADD and peanut allergies
  27. Driving and rush hour theories
  28. Argument for Thanksgiving being the best holiday
  29. Political correctness
  30. Gerophobia and riding the short bus
  31. Google are you listening?
  32. Trend bucking
  33. The Unit
  34. Grants, New Mexico
  35. Pandora Radio
  36. Kantorei
  37. Celebri-freaks
  38. The Music I like
  40. The violation that we call theft
  41. Kickbikes
  42. Demolition Derbys
  43. Redneck Games
  44. Waterfalls and Concrete
  45. Does the dystopian world await us?
  46. Music
  47. Movies
  48. Obtain as much education as is possible

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  1. HILL-ARY-OUS....i had 2 break it up like that because i cant remember how 2 spell it.......